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I was warned about the "hot" summers in New York before moving there several years ago. I didn't believe that a city so high up on the East Coast could come up with anything balmy enough to scare someone from South Africa.

I was wrong! New York gets jungle-level humidity in summer and the pollution, buildings and general nervous energy of the place seem to trap heat. It gets pretty sweaty, you guys, is what I'm trying to say.

It was on such a... metereologically challenging day when I met Sheri in an East Brooklyn apartment to make some pictures.

Sheri has a gorgeous, imposing photographic resumé. On top of that, she has also worked at the higher end of production and artist representation, so she helps keeps the photography world spinning every day!

We had some beautiful (hot!) light to work with that day and this is what we came up with. I hope you'll find something inspiring.


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02_9134_002-Edit1937 x 1937.jpg
03_9145_002-Edit1818 x 1839.jpg
06_9134_010-Edit1920 x 1920.jpg
04_9145_0081857 x 1940.jpg
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08_9145_0101942 x 1942.jpg
12_9144_009-Edit1941 x 1941.jpg
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